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Jomkiss: Dragon Master Fishing Demo & Game Review

JDB Dragon Master Fishing is a fish shooting game by JDB gaming, read our review and play Dragon Master Fishing demo game to discover how to win at JomKiss.

In Dragon Master Fishing, players embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey, aiming for the Supreme Wyvern, triggering consecutive Reel Combos, and seizing the chance to win grand prizes of up to 3600X. 

The game offers a unique blend of strategy and action, where precision and skill are rewarded with lucrative rewards. With features like Heavenly Blessing, T-Rex Hunting, and Dragon Reward, players are immersed in an experience filled with excitement and anticipation. 

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a newcomer to the world of fish shooting games, Dragon Master Fishing promises an exhilarating gameplay experience. Get ready to join the hunt and test your skills in the ultimate battle against mythical dragons.

Dragon Master Fishing Demo

Details & Information of Dragon Master Fishing

Software JDB
Type Video Arcade
Payout 3600X
Sit Per Table 3
Min Coins Size 0.1
Max Coins Size 1

How to Play Dragon Master Fishing


JomKiss - Dragon Master Fishing - Interface - JomKiss77

To engage in the Dragon Master Fishing, you need to understanding the game mechanics, placing your bet and paylines, selecting ther game room. Acquaint yourself with the gameplay of the Dragon Master Fishing by following the guidance provided in our tips below.

  1. Understanding the Game Mechanics
  2. Placing Your Bet and Paylines
  3. Spinning the Reels

Understanding the Game Mechanics

Utilize the auto-shoot feature to enhance your targeting control and ensure every shot hits its mark. Choose from a variety of weapons, each with unique advantages, to tackle the diverse challenges of dragon hunting. Adjust your bet strategically to maximize your winnings and unlock exclusive rewards. Master the game mechanics to become the ultimate Dragon Master!

Target Control (Auto Shoot)

In Dragon Master, precision is key. Utilize the auto-shoot feature to enhance your targeting control. The game dynamically adjusts the shooting mechanism, ensuring your bullets hit the mark with precision. Mastering this skill is essential for efficient dragon hunting.

Choose Weapon

To thrive in the dragon era, selecting the right weapon is crucial. Dragon Master offers a variety of weapons, each with its unique advantages. Activate the BOOMERANG for swift and accurate shots or employ the EXPLOSIVE for area-effect bombardment. Strategically choosing your weapon enhances your efficiency in hunting diverse dragons.

Bet Adjustment

Adjusting your bet adds an extra layer of strategy to the game. Dragon Master allows you to tailor your bet according to your confidence level and experience. Increase your bet to activate DRAGON ICON rewards and maximize your winnings. Understanding and adapting your bet is key to unlocking the full potential of Dragon Master.

Placing Your Bet and Paylines

Dragon Master introduces an innovative approach to betting and paylines. Engage in the hunt by selecting from three game modes: Newbie (1-100), Expert (10-1K), and Royal (100-1K). Each mode offers a unique gaming experience, catering to players of different skill levels. Cooperate to hunt T-REX for lucrative rewards or trigger the Supreme Wyvern for consecutive 1500X Combos.

Selecting the Game Room

Immerse yourself in the dragon era by choosing the perfect game room. Dragon Master provides three enticing options: Newbie 1-100, Expert 10-1K, and Royal 100-1K. Select a room that aligns with your skill level and preferences. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned hunter, Dragon Master offers an engaging experience for players worldwide.

Games Features of Dragon Master Fishing

Understanding the functionalities of Dragon Master Fishing is crucial, covering Heavenly Blessing, T-Rex Hunting, Dragon Reward and so on. Let’s delve into each of these elements promptly to conduct a thorough examination.

Heavenly Blessing

JomKiss - Dragon Master Fishing - Heavenly Blessing - JomKiss77

In the realm of Dragon Master Fishing, the enchanting Heavenly Blessing awaits players with each precision shot at the majestic dragons. Triggering this blessing presents the opportunity to choose between 1 or 3 red envelopes, unveiling rewards ranging from 20 to an astonishing 3600 times the initial bet. Elevate the stakes by increasing your bet to activate the coveted DRAGON ICON rewards. Keep in mind that after every map transition, the Heavenly Blessing rewards multiples are dynamically updated, adding an element of unpredictability and excitement to your gameplay.

T-Rex Hunt

JomKiss - Dragon Master Fishing - T-Rex Hunt - JomKiss77

Embark on the thrilling T-Rex hunt as this formidable creature graces the game map. Players can collaborate in this endeavor, showcasing their speed and aiming prowess to claim bets ranging from 100 to an impressive 300 times until the T-Rex gracefully exits the scene. The T-Rex encounter adds an element of cooperative competition, enhancing the social dynamics of Dragon Master Fishing.

Dragon Reward

JomKiss - Dragon Master Fishing - Dragon Reward - JomKiss77

The appearance of the Bounty Dragon on the map signals an opportunity for players to hit the dragon and potentially earn a basic multiplier. Successfully capturing the Bounty Dragon unlocks a chance to win a random multiplier, a generous bounty ranging from 150 to 300 times, enhancing the excitement and unpredictability of the Dragon Reward feature.

Special Weapons – Boomerang and Explosive

JomKiss - Dragon Master Fishing - Special Weapons - JomKiss77

Dragon Master Fishing introduces two unique special weapons, each bringing its own strategic advantage to the hunt.


Activate the Boomerang to switch your weapon, providing a tactical edge in your dragon-hunting arsenal. Each shot with the Boomerang incurs a cost of 6 times the initial bet, adding a strategic element to your gameplay as you aim for precision and efficiency.


Engage the Explosive to transform your weapon into a range attack explosive. Unleash a barrage of explosions on numerous dragons in the vicinity, offering a dynamic and impactful hunting strategy. Be mindful that each explosion comes at a cost of 15 times the initial bet, balancing risk and reward in the pursuit of dragon domination.

Golden Dragon Egg

JomKiss - Dragon Master Fishing - Golden Dragon Egg - JomKiss77

The mythical Golden Dragon Egg holds the key to substantial rewards in Dragon Master Fishing. Breaking the egg may yield the coveted DRAGON and WEAPONS ICON, with bonus multipliers ranging from 10 to an impressive 500 times. Activating the DRAGON ICON triggers the continuation of the Heavenly Blessing until the end of the game. Alternatively, acquiring the WEAPONS ICON rewards players with 10 free bullets, allowing precise targeting by clicking on any dinosaur within sight.

Wyvern Roulette

JomKiss - Dragon Master Fishing - Wyvern Roulette - JomKiss77

Prepare for the exhilarating Wyvern Roulette when the majestic SUPREME WYVERN graces the game. Capture the SUPREME WYVERN to trigger the Wyvern Roulette game, offering players the chance to win anywhere from 10 to an astounding 1500 times the initial bet. Successive captures may lead to consecutive Wyvern Roulettes, providing an opportunity for sustained excitement and increased rewards.


9 Strategies to win at Dragon Master Fishing

With our arsenal of 9 potent strategies, we’re poised to guide you towards triumph in Dragon Master Fishing, covering all the included Master the Game Mechanics, Strategically Place Your Bets, Optimize Your Weapon Usage, Leverage Heavenly Blessings and more.

  1. Master the Game Mechanics: Understand target control, weapon selection, and bet adjustment. Refer to the “Understanding the Game Mechanics” section for detailed information.
  2. Strategically Place Your Bets: Tailor your bets to your chosen game mode — Newbie, Expert, or Royal. Refer to the “Placing Your Bet and Paylines” section for guidance.
  3. Optimize Your Weapon Usage: Know when to use the Boomerang for precise shots or the Explosive for area-effect attacks. Refer to the “Special Weapons” section for insights on weapon selection.
  4. Leverage Heavenly Blessings: Increase your bet to activate DRAGON ICON rewards and strategically choose red envelopes for significant multipliers. Refer to the “Heavenly Blessing” section for details.
  5. Collaborate in T-Rex Hunts: Work with fellow players to capture the T-Rex swiftly and earn impressive rewards. Refer to the “T-Rex Hunt” section for cooperative strategies.
  6. Strategize Dragon Rewards: Hunt the Bounty Dragon for a chance at a random multiplier and generous bounty. Refer to the “Dragon Reward” section for hunting strategies.
  7. Utilize Special Weapons Wisely: Activate the Boomerang or the Explosive based on the situation. Refer to the “Special Weapons” section for tactical approaches.
  8. Break the Golden Dragon Egg: Break the egg to gain DRAGON and WEAPONS ICON advantages and bonus multipliers. Refer to the “Golden Dragon Egg” section for details.
  9. Conquer Wyvern Roulette: Aim to capture the Supreme Wyvern for a chance at substantial rewards. Refer to the “Wyvern Roulette” section for information on this exciting feature.

By following these tips, you’ll increase your chances of success and enjoy a rewarding experience in Dragon Master Fishing.

Top Premium Online Casino for Dragon Master Fishing

Homepage - Jomkiss

Premium Casino to play Dragon Master Fishing is Jomkiss Casino. Dragon Master Fishing, developed by JDB Gaming, is one of the flagship attractions at JomKiss Casino, offering players an exhilarating underwater adventure filled with action and rewards. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, JomKiss Casino caters to all skill levels, providing game modes suitable for everyone. 

The casino ensures a secure and fair gaming environment, allowing players to focus on the excitement of the game without any worries. Plus, JomKiss Casino offers convenient access through its online platform, allowing players to enjoy Dragon Master Fishing from the comfort of their own homes or on the go. 

With its reputation for quality gaming and rewarding experiences, JomKiss Casino is the perfect destination for those seeking top-tier entertainment. Dive into the world of Dragon Master Fishing at JomKiss Casino and embark on an unforgettable underwater adventure today.


In conclusion, Dragon Master Fishing sets a new standard for immersive and rewarding gameplay. With its innovative mechanics, diverse features, and the thrill of hunting mythical dragons, players are guaranteed an unforgettable experience. 

From mastering the game mechanics to strategically placing bets and utilizing special weapons, every aspect of Dragon Master Fishing is designed to keep players engaged and entertained.

Whether you’re cooperating in T-Rex hunts, triggering the Wyvern Roulette, or aiming for the Golden Dragon Egg, the excitement never ends. Join the adventure today and experience the thrill of Dragon Master Fishing at its finest.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dragon Master Fishing is a 3D fish shooting game developed by JDB Gaming, offering players an immersive underwater adventure where they hunt mythical dragons for rewards.

To play Dragon Master Fishing, simply visit a reputable online casino such as JomKiss Casino, locate the game in the game lobby, and start playing.

The game mechanics include target control (auto shoot), choosing weapons, and adjusting bets to maximize winnings and enhance the gaming experience.

Dragon Master Fishing offers three game modes: Newbie (1-100), Expert (10-1K), and Royal (100-1K), catering to players of different skill levels.

Heavenly Blessings are rewards obtained by triggering red envelopes in the game, offering multipliers ranging from 20 to 3600 times the initial bet.

Yes, Dragon Master Fishing is optimized for mobile play, allowing you to enjoy the game on your smartphone or tablet.

T-Rex Hunts allow players to collaborate in capturing the T-Rex, earning rewards ranging from 100 to 300 times the bet amount.

Special Weapons like the Boomerang and Explosive offer strategic advantages in hunting dragons. The Boomerang provides precise shots, while the Explosive offers area-effect attacks.

Breaking the Golden Dragon Egg can yield DRAGON and WEAPONS ICON advantages, along with bonus multipliers ranging from 10 to 500 times.

To maximize winnings, players should understand the game mechanics, strategically place bets, collaborate in T-Rex Hunts, and utilize special weapons effectively.

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