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Jomkiss: Dragon Fortune Fishing Game Review & Free Demo

JILI Dragon Fortune Fishing Game is a fish shooting game by JILI, read our review and play JILI Dragon Fortune Fishing demo game to discover how to win at JomKiss. 

Combining the excitement of arcade-style gaming with the thrill of underwater exploration, Dragon Fortune Fishing promises hours of entertainment for both novice and experienced players alike. 

Master the game mechanics, strategically place your bets, and select the optimal game room as you journey through this immersive world teeming with mythical creatures and lucrative rewards. 

Whether you’re a seasoned dragon hunter or a newcomer seeking adventure, Dragon Fortune Fishing offers an unforgettable gaming experience filled with excitement, challenges, and incredible opportunities to claim the ultimate treasure. 

Free Demo: Dragon Fortune Fishing

Details & Information of Dragon Fortune Fishing

Software JILI
Game Type Fishing
Max Win 800x
Min Coins Size 0.10
Max Coins Size 50

How to Play Dragon Fortune Fishing


JomKiss - Dragon Fortune Fishing - Interface - JomKiss77

To engage in the Dragon Fortune Fishing, you need to understanding the game mechanics, placing your bet and paylines, selecting ther game room. Acquaint yourself with the gameplay of the Dragon Fortune Fishing by following the guidance provided in our tips below.

Understanding the Game Mechanics

In the realm of Dragon Fortune Fishing, grasping the intricacies of the game mechanics is paramount to your success as a dragon hunter. Developed by JILI Gaming, this captivating fish shooting game beckons players into a world where sky dragons guard their treasures, awaiting those skilled enough to claim them.

Target Control (Auto Shoot)

At the core of Dragon Fortune lies target control, a feature primarily automated for convenience. As you delve into the game, your weapon seamlessly engages, automatically firing at the airborne dragons that cross your path. This automation ensures a continuous stream of firepower directed at your targets, enhancing your ability to score hits and reap rewards.

Choose Your Weapon

Within the dragon-hunting arena, the selection of your weapon carries significant weight. Different weapons boast distinct advantages and capabilities, necessitating careful consideration. Your choice of weapon profoundly influences your gameplay, impacting your efficacy in dispatching dragons efficiently.

Bet Adjustment

Dragon Fortune Fishing offers the flexibility to adjust your bet, allowing you to tailor your wagering strategy to suit your preferences and risk tolerance. Whether you opt to increase or decrease your bet, understanding how to adjust it effectively is pivotal to your success in this exhilarating game. Keep in mind that while higher bets may yield greater rewards, they also entail heightened risks.

Placing Your Bet and Paylines

Before embarking on your dragon-hunting escapade, acquaint yourself with the process of placing your bet and grasp the concept of paylines. Dragon Fortune Fishing boasts multiple paylines, with your chosen bet amount determining the potential rewards at stake. The game’s interface is designed with user-friendliness in mind, catering to both novices and seasoned players alike.

Selecting the Game Room

In Dragon Fortune Fishing, the option to select your game room presents itself, each offering unique challenges, rewards, and types of dragons to hunt. Choosing the appropriate game room that aligns with your skill level and objectives is paramount. 

Whether you prefer the consistent wins from smaller dragons or the potential for massive bonuses from formidable adversaries like the dragon king, your selection significantly shapes your gaming experience.

As you set forth on your odyssey through the realm of Dragon Fortune Fishing, mastering these game mechanics, strategically placing your bets, and discerningly selecting your game room will serve as the cornerstones of your triumph. 

Brace yourself to confront diverse flying dragons, set your sights on the ultimate dragon king, and seize the treasures that await. Dragon Fortune Fishing promises an adventure replete with excitement, challenges, and bountiful rewards for those bold enough to venture into its depths.

Games Features of Dragon Fortune Fishing

Understanding the functionalities of Dragon Fortune Fishing is crucial, covering the Gold Rock Dragon, Immortal Dragon King, Special Dragon King and so on. let’s delve into each of these elements promptly to conduct a thorough examination.

Gold Rock Dragon

JomKiss - Dragon Fortune Fishing - Gold Rock Dragon - JomKiss77

In the expansive world of Dragon Fortune Fishing, the Gold Rock Dragon stands as a coveted prize, offering players the opportunity to unlock substantial bonuses. Capturing this elusive creature triggers a bonus displayed on the board, with rewards reaching up to 80,000 times your initial bet. Consider amplifying your bet to enhance your chances of securing these lucrative bonuses.

Effects Dragon

JomKiss - Dragon Fortune Fishing - Effects Dragon - JomKiss77

Upon successfully vanquishing your foes, nearby dragons are jolted by a dramatic Chain Lightning effect, leading to the explosive demise of the targeted group of pterodactyls. This effect allows you to inflict straight-line, large-scale damage upon your aerial adversaries, proving invaluable to strategic dragon hunters. Furthermore, each successful kill rewards you with three rounds of the formidable Beam Cannon, augmenting your dragon-slaying prowess. As an added boon, your triumphs also trigger a soundwave that sporadically stuns nearby pterodactyls, disrupting their flight patterns and rendering them more susceptible to your attacks.

Jewel Super Prize Dragon

JomKiss - Dragon Fortune Fishing - Jewel Super Prize Dragon - JomKiss77

Keep a keen eye out for the Jewel Super Prize Dragon, as targeting this elusive creature presents the chance to secure remarkable rewards. Upon hitting the Jewel Super Prize Dragon, players have the opportunity to receive the base multiplier rate or, with luck on their side, a 2x Super Prize. With each successful kill, players may also attain a remarkable 5x Super Wealth reward, significantly bolstering their treasure trove.

Crystal Bonus

JomKiss - Dragon Fortune Fishing - Crystal Bonus - JomKiss77

With every Jewel Dragon eliminated, players accumulate the collection value of the Crystal Bonus. The rate of accumulation hinges on the number of Jewels obtained during dragon-hunting endeavors. Upon amassing five Jewels, players enjoy a 5x Super Wealth reward. Upon reaching the designated accumulated value, the Crystal Bonus Game automatically activates, affording players the chance to strike crystals for prizes. With three chances at their disposal, players can potentially claim rewards with an astounding accumulation rate of up to 800 times.

Immortal Dragon King — Nether Dragon

JomKiss - Dragon Fortune Fishing - Immortal Dragon King - JomKiss77

Striking the Nether Dragon presents players with the opportunity to gain the Nether Dragon multiplier. This formidable power enables the Nether Dragon to unleash shockwaves, attacking surrounding smaller dragons. With each target hit by a shockwave, players may earn multipliers corresponding to the specific dragon type, with a maximum multiplier cap of 720 times.

Awakening Dragon King — Ice Dragon, Flame Dragon

JomKiss - Dragon Fortune Fishing - Awakening Dragon King - JomKiss77

Engaging with the Infernal Dragon or Ice Dragon may trigger a magnificent Awakening Attack, offering players the chance to secure substantial rewards. This daring maneuver presents players with opportunities to claim sizable prizes, enhancing the thrill of the hunt.

Special Dragon King — Sky Dragon

JomKiss - Dragon Fortune Fishing - Special Dragon King - JomKiss77

Targeting the Sky Dragon unveils thrilling surprises, with each successful hit potentially triggering its tornado ability. Players may collect up to 888 times the amount of gold coins scattered across the range as a result. Additionally, aiming at the treasure chests surrounding the Sky Dragon offers players further chances to reap rewards, with a maximum payout of 40 times.

Prize Multiplier

JomKiss - Dragon Fortune Fishing - Prize Multiplier - JomKiss77

Attacking dragon types labeled as “Prize Multiplier” introduces an element of chance. Randomly shot multiplier items (10%, 20%, 30%) apply to all dragon types slain within 20 seconds. Players must time their attacks strategically to maximize their winnings, as the game status resets upon disconnection or departure from the range.

Multiplier Comparing Game

JomKiss - Dragon Fortune Fishing - Multiplier Comparing Game - JomKiss77

Defeating specific dragons activates the Multiplier Comparing Game, a dice game where players compare outcomes (large or small). Rolling 1-3 points yields a small win, while 4-6 points indicate a large win. The base amount of the game corresponds to the multiplier prize of the slain dragon types. Successfully winning the game multiplies the prize, while failure resets the multiplier to zero. Players have a maximum of three rounds per game and may exit or check their score during its progression.

Special Weapon

JomKiss - Dragon Fortune Fishing - Special Weapon - JomKiss77


Missiles offer an alternative strategy, with each launched missile deducting six times the bet. Despite the deduction, missiles boast a higher success rate in capturing targets, with scores based on the original multiplier. Savvy players may consider this option for precision hunting.


The Railgun presents a potent option, albeit at a cost of 15 times the bet per shot. Particularly effective against Mech Dragons, the Railgun provides players with a unique advantage in specific scenarios.

Free Thunderbolt

JomKiss - Dragon Fortune Fishing - Free Thunderbolt - JomKiss77

As players unleash their volleys, energy accumulates. Upon reaching full capacity, players may summon the Thunderbolt, unleashing a wide-ranging attack. The rate of energy conversion hinges on the proportion of the bet, with discharge aligning with the current bet. Players must be mindful, however, as the energy bar clears after three minutes of game disconnection or when a player exits the game.


In the rare event of abnormal game data display, the official backend data takes precedence, ensuring fairness and transparency in gameplay. With these diverse and exhilarating game features, Dragon Fortune Fishing promises an adventure brimming with excitement and valuable rewards. 

Whether you’re a seasoned dragon hunter or a newcomer embarking on your maiden quest, these features add depth and thrill to your gaming experience.


12 Strategies to win at Dragon Fortune Fishing

With our arsenal of 12 potent strategies, we’re poised to guide you towards triumph in Dragon Fortune Fishing, covering all the included monitor your progress, included Master the Game Mechanics, Exploit Special Features, Choose Your Weapon Wisely.

1. Master the Game Mechanics:
Familiarize yourself with the target control, weapon selection, and bet adjustment mechanisms. Understanding these fundamentals lays the groundwork for success in the game.

2. Exploit Game Features:
Leverage the diverse array of game features. Features like the Gold Rock Dragon and Effects Dragon can lead to substantial rewards when utilized strategically.

3. Prioritize Jewel Super Prize Dragons:
Direct your focus towards targeting Jewel Super Prize Dragons, as discussed. These elusive creatures offer the opportunity to multiply your winnings significantly, providing a path to substantial wealth.

4. Strategically Collect Crystal Bonuses:
Accumulate Crystal Bonuses by eliminating Jewel Dragons. Aim to reach the designated accumulation value to activate the Crystal Bonus Game, where you can claim prizes with an accumulation rate of up to 800 times.

5. Harness the Power of Immortal Dragon King:
Seize the opportunity presented by the Immortal Dragon King, specifically the Nether Dragon. Striking this formidable creature may grant you multipliers that unleash shockwaves, attacking surrounding smaller dragons. Maximize this power to your advantage.

6. Aim for Awakening Dragon Kings:
Engage with Awakening Dragon Kings such as the Infernal Dragon or Ice Dragon. Triggering their Awakening Attacks provides opportunities for substantial rewards.

7. Seize the Moment with Special Dragon Kings:
Target Special Dragon Kings like the Sky Dragon for thrilling surprises and lucrative rewards. Exploit their unique abilities and treasure chests to maximize your winnings.

8. Leverage Prize Multipliers:
Take advantage of Prize Multipliers, targeting dragon types labeled as such. The randomly shot multipliers can significantly enhance your winnings within a limited time frame, requiring strategic timing for optimal results.

9. Master the Multiplier Comparing Game:
Hone your skills in the Multiplier Comparing Game, activated by defeating specific dragons. For details on gameplay mechanics and maximize your chances of winning.

10. Choose Your Weapons Wisely:
Select your weapons strategically, considering their unique characteristics and advantages. For insights into weapon selection and align your choice with your gameplay strategy.

11. Use Special Weapons Strategically:
Employ special weapons such as Missiles and Railguns judiciously, balancing their effectiveness with their associated costs. For details on these weapons and optimize their usage for maximum impact.

12. Strategically Accumulate Energy:
Efficiently accumulate energy as you play, aiming to unleash the Thunderbolt at opportune moments. For insights into energy accumulation mechanics and strategize accordingly.

By following these thirteen strategic tips, you’ll position yourself for success in Dragon Fortune Fishing, maximizing your chances of claiming its abundant treasures and rewards.

Top Premium Online Casino for Dragon Fortune Fishing

Homepage - Jomkiss

Premium Casino to play Dragon Fortune Fishing is Jomkiss Casino. Whether you’re a seasoned player seeking bigger rewards or a newcomer eager to explore the wonders of underwater adventure, JomKiss Casino caters to all levels of expertise. 

Dive into the captivating world of Dragon Fortune Fishing and challenge yourself to conquer sky dragons, unlock hidden treasures, and claim riches beyond your wildest dreams. 

With its seamless gameplay, vibrant graphics, and enticing rewards, JomKiss Casino ensures that every moment spent in pursuit of fortune is filled with excitement and anticipation. Join JomKiss Casino today and immerse yourself in the ultimate gaming experience as you set sail on an epic quest in search of untold wealth and glory.


In conclusion, Dragon Fortune Fishing stands as a testament to the fusion of thrilling gameplay and immersive storytelling. With its captivating graphics, diverse game features, and opportunities for substantial rewards, this game promises an unforgettable gaming experience for players of all levels. 

Whether you’re drawn to the challenge of hunting sky dragons or the allure of uncovering hidden treasures, Dragon Fortune Fishing offers endless excitement and adventure. Prepare to embark on a journey filled with adrenaline-pumping action, strategic gameplay, and the chance to claim riches beyond your wildest dreams. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dragon Fortune Fishing is an exciting fish shooting game developed by JILI Gaming. It transports players to an underwater world where they can hunt sky dragons, uncover hidden treasures, and win lucrative rewards.

To play Dragon Fortune Fishing, you need to understand the game mechanics, such as target control, weapon selection, and bet adjustment. Mastering these fundamentals is crucial for success in the game.

Dragon Fortune Fishing offers a diverse range of game features, including special dragon types, multiplier bonuses, and unique weapons. These features add depth and excitement to the gameplay experience.

Dragon Fortune Fishing is available to play at select online casinos, including JomKiss Casino. Players can access the game and embark on their underwater adventure from the comfort of their own home.

Players can increase their chances of winning by mastering the game mechanics, strategically selecting their bets, and leveraging the various game features to their advantage.

Players have the opportunity to win a variety of rewards, including cash prizes, multipliers, and special bonuses. The game offers lucrative opportunities for those who dare to venture into its depths.

Yes, players can follow strategic tips outlined in the article, such as prioritizing jewel super prize dragons, strategically collecting crystal bonuses, and choosing weapons wisely to enhance their gameplay experience.

Yes, Dragon Fortune Fishing is compatible with mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy the game on their smartphones or tablets for on-the-go entertainment.

Yes, Dragon Fortune Fishing is designed to be accessible to players of all skill levels. Beginners can easily grasp the game mechanics and enjoy the thrill of underwater exploration.

Some online casinos may offer a free demo version of Dragon Fortune Fishing for players to try before playing with real money. However, players should check the specific terms and conditions of each casino for more information on pricing and gameplay options.

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